How to Apply for Spouse Visa in UAE

How to Apply for Spouse Visa in UAE

A UAE spouse visa is a form of residency that allows expatriates to sponsor their spouses' travel to Dubai. They are eligible for a 5-year UAE residency visa without needing to work there. Here, the sponsor must be a national of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai & UAE minimum salary for spouse visa

Expat residents must earn a specified minimum wage to be qualified to sponsor their spouses. Expatriate residents who earn a monthly salary of AED 3,000 or AED 4,000 plus housing are qualified to apply for a residency visa for their wives, according to the government webpage for the United Arab Emirates.

Cost of Dubai & UAE spouse visa

AED 268.90 is the application fee

Dubai and UAE spouse visa documentation requirements

You must present the following paperwork:

  • Either through an online application or a registered typing office in the UAE.
  • Original copies of the husband, wife, and kids' passports.
  • Spouse and kids passport-sized photos.
  • Pay certificate or a certified work agreement for non-government employees.
  • A certificate of good health for the spouse and any children who are older than 18.
  • (Either married in the UAE or India) Legalized marriage certificate confirmed by the UAE authorities.
  • Attested lease agreement.
  • A copy of the business contract or the spouse's work certificate.
  • Most recent utility bill for water, electricity, etc.

How to apply for a spouse visa in UAE

An expatriate resident who has their husband or wife enter the UAE through an entry permit has 30 days to apply for a residence visa for them. When your spouse arrives, you must apply for a spouse residency visa in the UAE. Here is how to apply in the UAE if you have all the necessary paperwork:

To receive a medical certificate from a government-approved health centre in the UAE, make sure your partner and children complete and pass the medical fitness exam.

Visit one of the authorized typing services with copies of the aforementioned papers to obtain a typed application form and make the necessary payment.

To get your spouse's application for a residence visa granted, submit it in typed form to the GDRFA along with the entry permission, the medical certificate, and all other necessary documentation.

 Dubai and UAE visa processing time

The approval process from the relevant emirate's immigration department typically takes 10 to 15 working days.

Dubai and the UAE spouse visa validity

 Typically it has a two-year validity period, and renewal is subject to the same requirements as a new resident visa.

If the sponsoring members get cancelled, the dependents will be revoked as well because the sponsoring expatriate employees are tied to the spouse's residence permit.

A 30-day grace period is given from the date that their expires or is cancelled so that they can apply for a new resident visa. If the sponsoring family member does not renew or revoke their spouse's residence visa within the allotted time, the dependents will be considered illegal residents, and a fine may be levied.

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