How to renew Indian passport in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

how to renew indian passport in dubai

How to Renew an Indian Passport in the United Arab Emirates?

Indian expatriates in the UAE can renew their passports by going to the BLS International Services Center, which offers visa and passport services in the country. Also, the organization is in charge of processing and collecting costs for Indian passport renewal applications.
Please take notice that while the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India in Dubai will execute your application, BLS International Service Centres will gather all necessary paperwork.
The procedures to renew your passport in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:
Bring the necessary documentation when you visit the closest BLS International Service Center.
List of documents needed for renewing an Indian passport in the United Arab Emirates:

  • A genuine copy of your current passport
  • In the UAE, a valid ID must be presented.
  • In some circumstances, you may be required to possess a visa for residency in the UAE that has expired.
  • When applying for a new passport in Dubai or the Northern Emirates, you must provide additional documentation if your residence visa was obtained in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. However, those who received their visa in Dubai or the Northern Emirates must provide further information while applying for a passport renewal at one of the BLS Centers in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.
  • When visiting the BLS Centers for Indian passport renewal, bring valid proof of residency with you, such as a lease agreement or a letter from the employer/company proving you live or work in the UAE.  Any changes to the current information on your passport, such as your name, address, etc., require police verification.
  • But in an emergency, you might ask for post-police verification rather than pre-police verification. By paying an additional charge, you can also submit a renewal application through Tatkal.
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that you must be present in person to submit your paperwork and application at a BLS Center when applying for an Indian passport renewal in Dubai or another emirate. 

How to Apply for Passport Renewal at BLS Centers in the UAE

Simply bring your photo and photocopies of the necessary documentation to the nearest BLS Center in the UAE.
Obtain a symbolic identification number.
Prepare your application form at the BLS Center.
When you receive a call, provide all of your paperwork to the submission officer along with the necessary money for renewing your Indian passport.
In the presence of the submission officer, initial the application form. 
Only a small number of passport renewal applications are now being accepted at the BLS Center in Abu Dhabi, including those from people whose passports have already expired or will soon expire.

India Passport Renewal Premium Services

If you want to renew your Indian passport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi without having to wait in huge lines, choose the Premium Lounge option offered by BLS International Center. You can use this service to book an appointment online via the BLS Center website. Additionally, it enables you to submit your applications more quickly and receive document pre-screening in a designated lounge area. The premium service costs AED 236 per applicant.

Indian Passport Renewal Fees in the UAE 

Are you curious about the cost of renewing an Indian passport in the UAE? For adult and juvenile applicants, there are varying renewal fees for Indian passports. Different fees apply to those who select the Tatkal (urgent) service. Please be aware that typing, photos, and courier services are all included in the cost of renewing your Indian passport in the UAE.
The price for the Indian Community Welfare Fund is AED 8, while the processing fee for renewing an Indian passport is AED 9. The regular fees and the Tatkal fees for renewing an Indian passport in Dubai and other emirates are also included here.


How much does it cost to renew an Indian passport in Dubai?
The price of renewing an Indian passport in Dubai depends on the applicants and services:
Typical renewal costs for Indian passports in Dubai:
Adults: AED 285 for a 36-page booklet; Adults: AED 380 for a 60-page booklet; Minors: AED 190
Indian passport renewal costs in Dubai (tatkal):
Adults: AED 855 for a 36-page booklet; Adults: AED 950 for a 60-page booklet; Minors: AED 760

How many days before we can renew our Indian passport in Dubai?
Within a year following the expiration date, a passport may be renewed. The service to be used is "Reissue of New Passport" for any details to modify, such as spouse name endorsement, address change, or any corrections to the information on the passport bio page.

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