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How to get Dubai Transit Visa

Apart from the Visa on arrival nationalities for the people to visit UAE, it is necessary to get Dubai Transit Visa. Travellers who must spend more than 8 hours in the UAE as part of airport transit are given a single visa called a Dubai Transit Visa.

Dubai offers two different kinds of transit visas:

a) Transits permit valid for 48 hours.
b) Transit permits are valid for 96 hours.

48-hour transit visas:

Passengers passing through the airports of the UAE are granted free transit permits valid for 48 hours. With an airline with a base in the UAE, you must apply for the visa in advance. This visa cannot be renewed or extended. You must depart the UAE within 48 hours of your arrival, and the visa is only valid for 48 hours after admission.

A transit visa cannot be obtained without:-

  • A passport or other travel document with a three-month minimum remaining validity
  • A picture of the subject with a white background
  • A reservation for a subsequent flight to a location other than where you are traveling from

96-hour transit visas:

Passengers transiting through the airports of the UAE will receive 96-hour transit visas for a price of AED 50. Through an airline based in the UAE, you must submit an advance visa application. This visa is neither renewed nor extendable. The visa is valid for 96 hours after entering the UAE, and you must depart the country within 96 hours after arriving.
  • A passport or other travel document that is at least valid for six months
  • A self-portrait on a white background
  • A reservation for a future flight to a third location distinct from where you are currently traveling.

To be eligible for a transit visa, you must have the following:

Who can apply for your Dubai Transit Visa?

You can only obtain a transit visa in advance of your trip if you are flying with an airline located in the UAE. All visas must be obtained through the airline, even if your trip is being organized by a travel agent, which can also assist you in obtaining the visa. One of the following ways for airline agents to apply online for transit visas is:

The eChannels homepage and ICA UAE eChannels app for Apple and Android, both of which are online channels made available by the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in each emirate.

Which kind of documentation do I need for a UAE transit visa?

You must give the following paperwork to your airline when you apply for a UAE transit visa:

  • A passport that is still good for at least three more months.
  • Pictures of you that are the same size as your passport and meet the UAE's criteria for visa photos.
  • Flight booking for a subsequent flight to a different nation.
  • A hotel reservation in the UAE.

How can I get a transit visa in Dubai? 

You must initially apply through your airline. Finally, using one of the methods below, your airline submits an online application for your transit visa.

  • Through the Chanel portal of the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship (ICA) of the UAE; or Through the GDRFA emirate-specific websites:
  • London Abu Dhabi (see also Amer, a website which Dubai citizens and residents can use to apply for a family reunion and visitors can use to extend their Visa on Arrival)
  • Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah; or via mobile apps:
  •  ICA's online channel (for Apple and Android)
  • UAE GDRFA (for Apple and Android)

How to get a transit visa for Dubai from India?

Indian people must get a transit visa to travel through the UAE if their stopover in Dubai lasts more than 8 hours.
You can obtain a transit visa for Dubai in a variety of ways. This includes through: 

Finding the appropriate application location on web portals might be challenging. For this reason, I advise using Atlys. I'll demonstrate how simple it is to apply using the app in the section that follows.

How to Apply for a Transit Visa for Dubai Using Atlys

Atlys is the best option for obtaining a transit visa for Dubai. The application procedure is simple and quick. Let me demonstrate how simple it is to apply for a Dubai visa:
1. Select the nation for which you require a transit visa.
Click "start new application" after installing the app, then look up the United Arab Emirates. Click it when you locate it. Secondly, decide what kind of visa you wish to apply for (transit visa).
2. Fill out the application for a visa.
You must then finish filling out the application. Your passport and your personal and travel information are required.
Using Atlys, you may scan your passport with your camera and have the data automatically uploaded. Your crucial details are immediately filled in and available for review.
3. Add the necessary documents
Next, upload the papers that are provided in the post as necessary. Keep in mind that Atlys' passport photo maker is free to use.
4. Submit your Application
The last step is to submit your application and await a response on your visa. Through email, Atlys will keep you informed of the progress of your visa. Your visa will also be sent to you through email; you must download and print it.

Cost of the Transit Visa in the UAE

The UAE transit visa fee is described in full below:
48-Hour Transit Visa: No cost
96-Hour UAE Visa: AED 50
You will also be required to pay a 30 AED departure fee. UAE transit visas are free of charge.


1. Can you extend a UAE Transit Visa?
No, you cannot extend your UAE transit visa for more time than it is valid. You cannot convert a 48-hour transit visa to a 96-hour one if you already have one, nor can you extend the 96-hour visa beyond that.
2. Who is eligible for a transit visa in Dubai? 
You are NOT eligible to apply for a Dubai visa on arrival.
You do not enjoy visa-free travel to Dubai.
3. Can I get a UAE Transit Visa on Arrival at Dubai Airport
You cannot.  Before traveling to Dubai, you must apply for a transit visa.
4. What are the airlines I can use to book a Dubai Transit Visa?
 You can book your UAE Transit Visa with one of the following airlines:
Arabian Air 
Dubai Airlines
 Fly Dubai with Etihad Air 
5. Who is exempt from UAE Transit Visa?
There is no need for a Dubai transit visa for Indian citizens from some countries to enter Dubai or any other emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

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