How to access the Emirates Lounges at Dubai Airport

How to access the Emirates Lounges at Dubai Airport
As one of the busiest airports in the world, the Dubai International Airport offers a great choice to access the luxurious Emirates lounges at Dubai Airport. There are three terminals at the DXB: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Out of them, Terminal 3 is the biggest and most luxurious, which only serves Emirates and a few flydubai flights. To enjoy the facilities one must access the lounges and book their tickets with the required charges.

How to get a Dubai Airport lounge?

To get into an airport lounge, one of the best ways is through credit cards. There are many banks and other financial institutions which provide free access to the Dubai airport lounges. Passengers with the following credit cards are offered free access to the UAE airport lounges. 

They include Emirates NBD Credit Cards, ABCD credit cards, Mashreq Credit Cards, ADIB Cards, HSBC Credit Cards, American Express Credit Cards, Standard Chartered Credit Cards, Emirates Islamic Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank and CBI Bank.

For accessing airport lounges, one must visit the official websites of each lounge and book their account with the included costs.

  • Emirates NBD credit card holders can access their airport lounge through MasterCard App or LoungeKey.
  • Airport lounges can be accessed directly with HSBC credit cards or with membership in LoungeKey. Cardholders are granted free, unlimited admission to specific airport lounges through LoungeKey. Visitors may accompany the lounges with the cardholder, but LoungeKey will charge USD 27 (per visitor).
  • The ADIB Emirates Skywards World card is the best card that offers exclusive discounts and perks to the holders.
  • Holders of Mashreq cards receive 8 free passes per year to airport lounges. Only those who pay their annual dues are granted admission to the lounge without charge.
  • The Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Visa Credit Card enables cardholders to accrue Skywards Miles (Emirates' well-known frequent flyer programme) for each dirham spent.
  • The Emirates Islamic Flex Elite Credit Card provides useful features that enable users to enjoy rewarding and exciting purchasing experiences in equal measure.
  • The CBI Titanium card grants you access to airport lounges and hundreds of additional lifestyle benefits, like buy one, get one free deal on dining, entertainment, and travel as well as cashback on movie ticket purchases.

Who can access it?

The Emirates lounges are open to anybody flying on an Emirates flight, however, not everyone is entitled to free entrance. Similarly, those who are travelling on a Qantas flight with the flight code EK are also eligible for this service. 

You must pay for entry to the Emirates lounges if you are travelling in Economy Class or Business Class Special. Passengers in the Business Class Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus are given free complimentary access to the Emirates Business Class Lounge.

Types of Emirates Lounges

Dubai International Airport has a total of seven Emirates lounges. They are divided into 3 categories: Emirates lounges, Emirates first-class lounges, and Emirates business-class lounges. The seven lounges for Emirates Airlines are spread out among Concourses A, B, and C in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. The different Emirates lounges available include:

Emirates Business Class Lounge

One of Dubai International Airport's top lounges is the Emirates Business Class Lounge, which is in Concourse B. Dubai Airport lounge access is free for all Emirates Business Class passengers, but individuals with certain credit cards can frequently benefit from this service. 

The following passengers are permitted access to the Emirates business class lounge:

  • Business class passengers on Emirates and FlyDubai
  • Gold and Silver members of Emirates Skywards
  • Access can be bought for $150 (or $125 if you're a Skywards member) if you're flying with Emirates in economy class.

Emirates First Class Lounge

For First Class travellers, the Emirates First Class Lounge offers a wide range of amenities, including showers, spas, full-service bars, an international buffet, cigar bars, and more. The large business centre in the lounge is another benefit.

Jumeirah Airport Lounge

This is one of the best lounges that provide five-star facilities. For VIPs and media visitors, this lounge offers a private space.

Al Majlis Lounge

Regardless of travel class or airline, the lounge is open to all passengers. By making a reservation here, your immigration and luggage can be made simple. It is one of the few economy passenger airport lounges in Dubai.

Marhaba Lounges

One of the easiest lounges to enter at Dubai International Airport is the Marhaba Lounge, which has locations in all 3 terminals. All lounges in Terminals 1, 2, and 3 offer comparable services, and all visitors may use any service package. 

This lounge provides a variety of packages and service fees depending on your demands. It is one of the most regularly used lounges in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport.

Ahlan Lounges

First Class and Business Class lounges are available at the Ahlan Lounge in Terminal 1 Concourse D. Passengers flying economy class can use these lounges at Dubai International Airport. This service is also available to passengers having a Dubai Airport Lounge Priority Pass.

Sleep ‘N Fly Lounge

This lounge introduces a novel idea in passenger comfort. Passengers can take a nap before their flight with the Sleep 'n Fly Idea by Yawn, which provides sleeping pods.

How long one can use the lounge?

For those who are qualified or have access to one of the Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport are granted one-time access for up to four hours before the scheduled departure time of a flight.


To get entry to the Business Class lounge and Emirates lounge near Gate 9 at Dubai Airport, passengers travelling in Economy Class and Business Class Special must pay Dhs550.95. You must pay USD 300 to enter the First Class lounge. With a total of USD175, those who have access to the Business Class lounge can upgrade to the First Class lounge. At other airports, to get into the Emirates Lounge must pay USD155.

The emirates lounge at Dubai Airport is offering all the facilities and services to the people and to enjoy this, one must access them. Depending on your travel class and Emirates Skywards membership, you and your visitor will either receive free or subsidised entry to the lounge. 

For each lounge the cost and the services offered are different. If one followed the general terms and conditions, one could easily avail of the service.

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