How to Check UAE Ban Status with Passport Number

While planning travel to UAE, it is best advisable to check the travel ban status before getting any issues at the airport immigration centres. 

A travel ban is a directive given to all state ports by the government to stop someone from departing or entering the country following a court order or police directive for the protection of personal interests in circumstances like child custody, financial crisis, or criminal investigation.

Dubai is one of the largest and busiest cities in the UAE. It is the centre of trade and commerce and welcomes a diverse ex-pat community. Because of the ex-pats and residents in Dubai, the authorities have imposed certain travel rules and restrictions on the nationals for their safety. 

Understanding and checking these travel bans in Dubai is significant. To blacklist or issue a travel ban in Dubai consists of several reasons. They include:

  •  Ongoing criminal inquiry
  • Violation of immigration laws
  • Unpaid debts
  • Rental disagreements
  • Working illegally and violating labour laws
  • Global criminal
  • Visa overstaying
  • Leaving without informing your employer and terminating the work permit
  • Global epidemic

How to check the Dubai travel ban?

There are different ways to check the travel ban in Dubai. By visiting the Dubai police station, through the Dubai police website, making a phone call and hiring a lawyer.

How to check the travel ban in Dubai with a passport number?

Calling amber centres is the most convenient method of inquiring about the travel ban status in Dubai. All you have to provide is your passport number and if required other details. Residents can call the Dubai Amer Centre at 800-5111. Those from other countries can use +971-4-313-9999.

There are two other ways to check visa ban status in Dubai physically. Residents can directly go to the police station and inquire in person to find out if there are any cases filed against them for a financial issue. 

Dubai police stations work from 7:30 am-10 pm. Yet another way is to hire a lawyer to gather the information which is one of the best options in case there is a possibility of an arrest warrant.

How to check the immigration ban status or travel ban online in Dubai?

You can check the visa ban status in Dubai through the Dubai police website or by downloading an app.

Through website

  • Visit the Dubai Police website.
  • Choose the “Services” option
  • Click on “Criminal Status for Financial Cases"
  • Select the “Access Service” button
  • Enter the Emirates ID to check the status of any pending lawsuits.

If you are subject to any travel ban, you will receive a message informing you to visit the nearest Dubai police station with Emirates ID, a copy of your passport and an authorization letter.

Also, download the Dubai Police app which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices where you can check the travel ban online.

These are the free-of-charge online services provided by Dubai police through its website and app. To avail of these services all you need is an Emirates ID.

How to check the Dubai visa blacklist?

You can visit any immigration office with a copy of your passport and inquire about your status on the UAE blacklist.

Another step is to consult a lawyer as they receive more information from the immigration office.

The next method is to apply for a police clearance certificate. This is an online process and can be done on the UAE Police website or through the UAE Police app on your Android or iOS devices.

In the case of residents of Abu Dhabi, they can use the Estafer e-service, which asks for their unified number and verification code, or could visit the Judicial Department's page on the Abu Dhabi website to check the travel ban status.

To travel around Dubai securely, one should be free from any travel ban. In the modern world, the government is providing several online and offline methods to check the immigration ban status. With the help of passport number one could analyse the travel ban. 

Visiting the police station, Dubai police website, or the police app, making phone calls and hiring lawyers are some ways. These help the people to have a safe journey.

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