How to Renew Emirates ID Online in Dubai

All residents of the UAE know how crucial it is to have a valid Emirates ID card on hand, at all times. If your ID is close to expiring or has already expired, it is important to renew your Emirates ID. UAE nationals can apply for Emirates renewal six to one month prior to the expiration date.

How to apply for Emirates ID renewal?

The steps for renewing a Dubai Emirates ID are listed below and are pretty simple for UAE nationals.

Step 1: Register and submit the form for renewing your Emirates ID.

The first step in renewing an Emirates ID is to acquire all the necessary paperwork (which is stated below) and go to one of the three service centers indicated below. The Emirates ID renewal process can be started via the smart applications; however, it cannot currently be completed altogether online.

Dubai Customer Happiness Centers Smart service/mobile application typing centers for the Federal Administration for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC)

These channels simplify for applicants the complete Emirates ID renewal procedure. When you arrive at the centers, the staff members there will help you fill out the Emirates ID renewal form, where you must enter your personal information.

Step 2: Pay the fees

The next step is to pay the Emirates ID renewal fees after the necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted. The cost of renewing an Emirates ID varies depending on the center you choose and the duration of the ID's validity.

Via The typing center:
Emirates ID renewal costs for ex-pats: AED 170 (valid for one year), AED 270 (valid for two years), and AED 370 (3-year validity)
UAE nationals: AED 170 (valid for five years) and AED 270 (10 years validity)
National GCC: 170 AED (5-year validity)

Via FAIC Website/ Smart App:
Expats: AED 140 (valid for one year), AED 240 (valid for two years), and AED 340 (3-year validity)
UAE residents pay AED 290 (5-year expiration) and AED 390. (10 years validity)
GCC Nationwide: 290 AED (5-year validity)

Centers for Consumer Happiness
Expat/Resident: 290 AED for a year, 390 AED (2 years) AED 490 (3 years) (3 years)
UAE nationals: 290 AED (5-year validity), 390 AED (10-year validity)
GCC 290 AED (5-year validity)

Step 3: Confirm your Biometrics

Once you've paid the UAE Emirates ID renewal fees, you've already made some progress. Applicants will receive an SMS with the application status upon payment, letting them know. Sometimes it may be necessary to collect biometric data from candidates over the age of 15. Having their pictures and fingerprints taken at any authorized Preventative Medicine Center will help with this.

Step 4: Collect the Renewed Emirates ID

Collecting your Emirates ID is the last step in renewing it. The ID card is ready for pickup at a post office of the applicant's choice, and Empost will notify them through SMS.

That completes the process of renewing your Emirates ID. While renewing the UAE ID card may appear simple, it's crucial to have all the necessary paperwork available. To assist you in getting your affairs in order, we have created a list of necessary documents.

Depending on the circumstances, the processing time for an Emirates ID renewal may change.

Required list of documents for  Renewing an Emirates ID

The documents needed for the Emirates ID renewal process vary depending on whether the applicant is an ex-pat, GCC national, or citizen of the UAE.

Documents needed for Expatriates to renew their Emirates ID

  • Original passport
  • Original valid residency visa or entry permit
  • A residency visa under renewal is applicable
  • An old Emirates ID card
For newborns and people under the age of 15: Personal photo (4.5 cm by 3.5 cm) on a white background, original birth certificate or father's passport or Emirates ID, passport, and visa of applicant's sponsor (only for newborns)

Documents required for citizens of the UAE

  • Original Family Book (in case of newborn application, make sure the child is added to the family book) (Only necessary if applying via a typing center)
  • Original passport
  • For newborns or those under the age of 15:  Personal photo with white background (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm), Original birth certificate, or father's passport or Emirates ID. When registering for the Population Registry, an ID number is given (only for newborn applications)

Documents required for GCC Nationals

  • Original passport
  • Original Valid GCC ID Card
  • Evidence of UAE residence (such as valid trade license, certificate to prove the applicant is studying in the UAE, employment certificate, or attested employment agreement) (For children, the relevant documents for the applicant's parent may be utilized.)
  • For newborns and people under the age of 15: Personal photo with white background, original birth certificate or father's passport, or an Emirates ID.

UAE nationals and foreigners undergo different renewal procedures for their Emirates IDs in Dubai. You can renew your Emirates ID via the ICP website, the ICP App on Google Play, the App Store, and Huawei, or through a recognised typing facility. To supply your biometric information, you might need to go to one of ICP's service locations.

How to renew your Emirates ID using the ICP website

  • Register and create an account ' UAE PASS' or log into Smart Services in case of prior registration.
  • Choose the ID card renewal service.
  • Apply and pay the fees.
  • You will receive a text message with the completion and success of the operation and if there are any further steps needed.
  • Receive the card through the approved delivery company.

When do I need to renew my Emirates ID?

For ex-pats, the Emirates ID renewal process must begin concurrently with the renewal of the residency visa. However, when the card does expire, UAE citizens and residents enjoy a grace period of 30 days from the date of expiration to renew their ID card. Residents who don't renew their Emirates ID before that will be subject to a fine of AED 20 per day, up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

How long does it take to renew an Emirates ID?

Depending on the option you select, it could take anywhere between 24 hours and 5 days. Expats must pay an extra urgent service cost to receive it within 24 hours.

These finish the detailed instructions on how to renew an Emirates ID in Dubai. Please contact the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship at 600-522222 for any clarifications you may need regarding the material shown here.

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