Philippine Passport Renewal Process in UAE

Philippine Passport Renewal Process in UAE

Philippine passport holders in the UAE can renew their passports by getting an appointment from the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai. It is advised that applicants schedule their appointments at least a year before their passports expire. 

Unless the applicant is a minor, passports can only be given to the applicant. Additionally, if a person is unable to claim the passport themselves, they may only authorise immediate family members to do so by submitting an authorisation letter and a photocopy of any legal identification card.

Passport renewal at the Embassy of the Philippines, Abu Dhabi

At the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, appointments for passport processing are free of charge. The following groups of people do not need to schedule an online appointment to renew their passports in the UAE, according to the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi

  • Passport application for a new-born child
  • Applying for a new passport after a lost one
  • Requesting a Mutilated Passport replacement

Steps to renew passport

To renew the e-Passports, follow the instructions:

  • Schedule an online appointment for an e-passport renew from the official website.
  • Visit personally at the scheduled time and date
  • A printout of the completed GOAS Passport Application Form
  • Current e-passport with a copy of the Data Page
  • At the information desk, get a priority number.
  • The processor examines the application form and you can expect a call from the number
  • If all the requirements are cleared, pay the fees (AED240)
  • To capture the biometrics, go to the encoding stage.
While the encoder is typing, verify the data's precision or correctness. If there is a mistake in the passport, the applicant will be charged for the following renewal of the passport to fix the mistake.

Wait 5 to 8 weeks before picking up your passport. Bring your old passport and receipt just in case of cancellation.

Requirements  Passport Renewal for special cases

If the married women choose to use their spouse's last name, then to renew present an original copy of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issued Certificate of Marriage/Report of Marriage officially verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila.

In case of widowed to renew, provide the DFA in Manila with a copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased spouse, which was issued by the PSA.

If a marriage is dissolved, the PSA will provide a Certificate of Marriage as well as a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the court order causing the dissolution, which has been verified by the DFA.

If divorced, you must present a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the divorce decree that has been verified by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce was granted or by the relevant foreign diplomatic or consular mission in the Philippines to renew the passport.

In the case of changing names, the Birth certificate issued by the PSA with an annotation indicating the change in name must be provided to renew.All the DFA-verified certificates are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

Renewal at Philippine Consulate General in Dubai

Philippine passport holders in the UAE who want to renew their e-Passports from the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai must follow these steps:

  • A printed copy of the online appointment confirmation
  • Physically appear at the Consulate.
  • The original old passport
  • Printout of the barcoded online e-passport application form
  • The copy of Passport Data page

Additional supporting documents are required, particularly for applicants who need to verify their citizenship and who have dual citizenship, incomplete birthplaces on their prior passports, or family names that seem foreign.

All civil registration documents, including birth certificates, marriage licences, and death certificates, must be issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), whereas court-issued documents must have their legalisation attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Additional documents for  Passport Renewal in special cases

In the case of renewing brown, green, machine-readable passports, along with the general requirements, one must bring a birth certificate issued by PSA to ascertain the applicant's full middle name. If the information on the PSA birth certificate is illegible or blurry, a transcribed copy must be obtained from the local civil registrar (LCR).

Filipino citizens who have dual citizenship or have elected to become Filipino citizens under RA 9225 to renew their passports must have an identification document, oath of allegiance, approval order and birth certificate along with other details.

For those who have to replace their lost passport must carry an Affidavit of Loss signed at the Philippine Consulate General and a police report from Dubai Police with English translation.

Passport renewal for Minors

To renew a minor's passport (under 17), you will need an original and a photocopy of the Philippine Statistics Authority's (PSA) Certificate of Live Birth and/or Report of Birth. Along with that, a copy of either parent’s passport is necessary. If the father is applying, then a marriage certificate and/or report of marriage certified by the PSA must be presented.

Fee Payment for Philippine Passport Renewal 

Filipino passport holders in the UAE who renew their passports at the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi must pay a service fee. To renew passport or application for a newborn child costs AED 240 (PHP 3,530.35) while replacing a lost passport costs AED 600 (or PHP 8,826.20).

The Philippine passport holders in the UAE who renew their passports at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai have to pay different fees in different cases. The cost to renew or for a new e-passport renewal is AED 240 (PHP 3,530.35). For lost e-passport lost, it costs AED 600 (PHP 8,826.20). In the case of a lost MRP/Green Passport, the cost to renew is AED 360 (PHP 5,295.72). For the affidavit of loss, the charge is 100 AED (1,471.03 PHP).

Philippine passport holders in UAE could now easily renew their passports effortlessly. Both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the renewal opportunity is provided and all you need is to get a prior appointment. With the required documents and certificates it is possible to renew the passports.

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