How to get Saudi Visit Visa for UAE Residents

saudi visa for UAE Residents

GCC nationals, including residents of the UAE, do not need visas to visit Saudi Arabia. They could enter with their national ID cards. The new GCC resident visa programme, however, permits UAE citizens to apply for a Saudi eVisa through the Visit Saudi web portal. Furthermore, it permits them to travel to ksa for tourism and Umrah.

Requirements for Saudi Visit Visa

·       The UAE resident's profession must fall within one of the acceptable professions mentioned on the Visit Saudi website.

·       The residency document valid for 3 months

·       Passport valid for at least 6 months

·       For children under the age of 18, a parent application is required.

·       Each member of the applicant's direct family must submit a separate visa application and be accompanied to Saudi Arabia.

Documents for KSA Visit Visa

To get the ksa Visit visa, it is important to submit some documents at the time of online application. They include a passport photo of the applicant with a white background, a copy of your passport, and a UAE residence visa page copy. The expatriate UAE residents, along with these must provide all the information about the countries they have travelled to in the past 5 years.

How to apply for Saudi Visit Visa from UAE?

GCC residents, including UAE residents, can apply for eVisa online via the MOFA website. It includes the following steps:

·       Go to the MOFA website.

·       Log into your account.

·       If you do not have an account, click on register and create an account

·       Fill out the necessary information including eVisa, personal and UAE residence visa details.

·       Upload the required documents

·       Enter the passport details as well as other information

·       Choose the type of tourist visa (single or multiple)

·       Enter the expected travel date and entry port

·       Click Save button

·       After confirming your application, select the Medical insurance plan

·       Pay for the eVisa

Your Saudi eVisa will be sent to you through email once it has been approved.

eVisa Types & Cost

The 90-day maximum stay is allowed with the multiple-entry tourist visa, which is valid for one year from the date of issuance. 30 days are the maximum stay permitted with a single-entry tourist visa, which has a three-month validity term after the date of issuance.

The ksa eVisa costs SAR 300 (AED 293) including additional costs for health insurance. Also, according to the selected insurance package, there will be a difference in the total cost. The visa application fee is non-refundable.

How to apply for Dubai eVisa for Saudi Iqama holders

To apply, follow the steps:

·       Visit GDRFAD websiteIf you don't have a GDRFAD account, choose "Individuals" and then click "Register now."

·       Once registered, log in to your account

·       Choose New Application

·       Select NEW GCC Entry Permit and then GCC Residents

·       Click on Apply

·       Fill in the required details such as visa, passport and personal information. Also enter the GCC residency, travel and sponsor details.

·       Upload the necessary documents

·       Make the payment

·       Click on Submit

It is not necessary to apply for a Saudi transit visa if you are a citizen of the GCC or a national of Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, or the UAE. You could visit ksa without a visa. Meanwhile, all other travellers are requested to get a transit visa to visit Saudi.

Even though Saudi Arabian citizens do not require a visa to enter, non-visa-exempt foreign nationals who reside in the UAE must apply for a visa to go to the Kingdom. As residents of the UAE, citizens of nations such as Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan who are often ineligible for the Saudi eVisa may apply. In this way, UAE residents could easily visit Saudi Arabia.

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